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When Tommy Tillman and Harbor Evangelism opened its ministry in Thailand over 35 years ago, it was aimed to reach out to the thousands of souls who’s life’s had been destroyed by the terrible disease of Leprosy. Tommy planted and founded several leper colonies and leper churches over the years. Over time, a cure for leprosy has been discovered and the 13 leper colonies that at one time thrived, have all been closed… EXCEPT 1! This is the one that is still operating today and is being directed and supported by Harbor Evangelism. Leprosy still exists in Thailand and we are there to continue the work that was started years ago. Harbor Evangelism is there not only to show God’s love for a group of people that are looked down on and rejected but to the share the eternal life-changing story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We have 10 lepers in our home in north Thailand. We are a few miles outside of Chiang Rai. God has blessed us with a beautiful home to house the lepers, access to medical care, and a Church on-site with a full-time pastor.
There is still a need in reaching the forgotten lepers of north Thailand and we appreciate your prayer and support in working together with us to fulfill God’s desire. That every leper hear the gospel and they see Christ in us.