Harbor Evangelism International
Tommy Tillman's Newsletter for January 2018
These are the Buddhist visitors pictured with some of our people at the Christian leper home that the Lord
gave to us a few years ago. God has no closed doos and He even opens the doors for the Buddhists to visit
"His works" to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and His salvation. (Hearing the gospel for the first time)
The next two photos below are at our leper home near Chiang Rai, Thialand. The lady at the top left, in a red
top, is Rose Miller, who has given her life to wo
rk with lepers and we rejoice for her help. Third from the top
left, with a neck tie
, is our pastor. He is a good fundamental soul winning preacher. The brother at the top right
in the
gray shirt is a very good helper and worker. In the second picture are Christmas gifts being given to some
of our lepers for Christmas 2017.