The main religion in Mongolia is the worship of nature.  They
worship the blue sky, the mountains, and even rocks.  This is a
pile of rocks they pile up and even pray too.  You will always find
blue clothe an the piles representing their god the blue sky.
A Ger the nomads live in  the middle of the
Gobi desert.
We have 3 services a week and are in the process of
building a new church because we can no longer hold the
people attending. Church built by your support
One of our Dentist working on a patient in
the Gobi.
One of our Doctors attending to a
patient on our hospital in the Gobi.
Women's prison meeting.
The new mother church building finally
finished in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Pig farmer and his pigs in the Gobi Desert.
Church and church meeting in the Gobi.
Sheep head, an everyday meal in
Harbor Evangelism International