The Feeding Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
This is the City Dump in the capital city Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. These people dig through the city
dump looking for food or anything that can be recycled or sold for food. Tommy Tillman was here
when some one came and threw a dead dog into the dump, and he saw people come with knives and
cut meat off of it.
People actually live in those huts, these pictures
were taken in winter time, when it was 30
degrees below zero. At summer time you cant
open your mouth without getting a mouthful of
This is the sign outside of the feeding
center, where children can eat for free three
meals a day.
These are some of the children that come in
everyday to eat and learn of Jesus. Some of these
children have never had baths. Many children
have been lead to the Lord from this feeding
center. The Lord has worked miracles through
Tommy and Mitch Tillman in Mongolia.
This woman was won to the Lord a few years ago.
She cooks three meals a day for the children in the
feeding center by the dump. The Lord is working
miracles in Mongolia.
Harbor Evangelism International
We have recently expanded the Dump Feeding
Center, here is a picture of one of the new rooms in
the building. We can now feed 100 children a day.
them got boots, coats, and A Children's Gospel book. That has
the Plan of Salvation in it. The Lord is really blessing in Mongolia.